How to Spot Phony Dating Profiles

10 Straightforward Tips to Detect Fake Profiles

In today's digital era, where 'bots' and 'AI' have shifted from futuristic jargon to everyday reality, encountering fake profiles on dating sites has become all too common. The FlingDoctors team is here to equip you with the tools and insights needed to navigate and counteract the surge of bot-driven traffic you might face. Just read our 10 tip on how to spot a phone dating profile.

When did she start messaging you?

Did you sign up and instantly receive 10 messages from the hottest women on the planet? Yeah, they aren’t real people. Online dating can be much faster than going to a bar to meet someone, but you’ll still need to enter the bar and hang up your coat, to stick to the bar metaphor. We’re not saying none of them are real, but the ones that send a 500-word essay after you signed up 1 minute ago? Nah.

What pictures is she using?

Let’s be honest here, usually the women around us know how to present themselves much better than the average man like you and me. So if she looks amazing in the picture, good for her. But does she look like she’s Miss Universe? Do all of her pictures come straight from a magazine? Chances are she’s not a real profile and some guy behind his computer is trying to have some fun.

Picture of a beautiful woman that might be a bot on a dating site. scam fake

Just a picture of a beautiful woman that has no business being on a dating site. If you see her... you'll know what to do

How much info is there on the profile?

If you’re serious about finding someone online, you’ll do your best to present yourself. Add a nice picture, put some interesting stuff about yourself on the profile, tell the world that you’re super into Ford ’70s Mustangs. So if her profile says she’s 19 and that’s it, keep scrolling buddy. On the flip side, if she has a 5000-word essay about her 19 years on this planet on her page and lists every interest that the dating site allows you to tag... that’s a red flag!

What’s up with all the questions?

The best way to get to know someone is by asking questions, right? Right! So ask away, but you also need to answer some questions. Online dating is a two-way street, so giveth and taketh. If she’s asking all the questions and always deflecting your answers, ask yourself if she’s real or fake.

Does she have any recent pics of herself right now?

Everyone uses their best picture that may have been taken 7 or 8 years ago, who cares! You’re still you, and what difference will it make. But it doesn’t hurt to ask for a more recent picture. If she doesn’t have one in this modern day and age where every device is basically a full-blown camera, you can imagine why that is.

Old photo of a woman

She broke her leg, 3 times and her whole family is in the hospital?

If she has been able to fake her way through all 5 of the previous signals, you’re having a great time together, but every time you suggest meeting, she comes up with a story about a dead relative, broken wishbone, or a stolen car, she might not be who she’s letting on. It’s possible there is a person behind that profile that works for the dating site, someone is messing with you, or yeah, maybe she’s just not ready yet. But our suggestion is to find someone else.

You have to pay COINS?!

Actually, this is just something we need to clear up, yes, there are a lot of dating sites that help connect people by having them pay coins. These dating sites do not run for free as they have server costs, customer support costs, and you know that Cupid also needs to put fuel in the tank, right? Vice versa, there are also free dating apps with fake profiles and there are tons of fake profiles on dating sites with subscriptions.

Did she just forget your name?

Imagine being a scammer and you try to get a lot of people to spend money on your website. How can you keep track of all the people you talk to? That’s right, you can’t. So remember that when you have to tell your date for the 9th time that you have a 29-year-old daughter and a dog named Timmy.

Let’s stay on this site forever and ever.

Many dating sites want you to keep spending money on their website, so they hire bots or people to keep asking you questions and postponing the date. But they also try to eliminate any way for you to start talking for free on other forms of communication. You probably have to spend some money on a dating site in order to advance your love life, but after sending someone 100 intimate messages, maybe she should give you her number. If not, maybe she’s not the one.

She reacts faster than the speed of a red light.

Bots are everywhere these days. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many other huge corporations are currently working on AI tech that may or may not take over the world, SkyNet style, in the near future. So if you send her a message from the bottom of your heart and within 1 microsecond she sends you back a small book worth of text, that’s the Terminator's girlfriend.

fake robot chatting

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